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December 12, 2012



These are the BEST kinds of self-portraits. You look relaxed, beautiful and like you're having such a great time! There's a picture of my mother that is similar...she's on a boat in Hawaii, hair blowing, and the most wonderful smile. I'm so glad that you shared this. You are beautiful inside and out!


Awwww thanks Brandee! I think I like it because I look at it and I can remember every detail about that day and how happy I was. :)


You simply have the best smIle, ever. Just beautiful.


Just beauty and joy. Just perfect.

Tracy Mangold

Hello dahling! You look mahvelous - as you always do but this picture captures your essence to a "T"


Kelly, Lisa, Tracy -- Your kind words ... I don't know what to say. Thank you. I'm flagging this post to read on bad hair days. ;) Right back at all of you beautiful ladies. xoxo


You look stunning! I think one of my own favorites looks SO much like this one that I was startled initially - thinking we were in the same photo :) http://www.storiesofconflictandlove.com/2012/08/with-salt-on-your-back.html It's the last one in that photoessay!

Stephanie @ Visible and Real

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! This is lovely!

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

Love it, looking good.


Playful, free, fun, laughter, ecstatic and Beautiful this post (:


I love everything about this post. You are radiant, Noel!! The picture somehow captures both your inner and outer beauty. Thanks for sharing this joyous memory with us. I hope you have many more carefree days like it. xo



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