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December 05, 2012



This post is lovely. Taking that moment to remember one who is no longer with us and how she impacted our lives both past and present.


This is beautiful xx


I really hope one day that someone can write that way about their love for me. Right now I am just a thorn in everyone's side.

Tracy Mangold

Mesmerizing. Thank you Noel...it truly is lovely.


Beautiful...I'm so sorry for your loss. It just always hurts.


The exquisite pain of the steady pain of loss is so beautifully summed up here. The wish of touching fingertips...wow...you're quite a gifted writer.


Thanks, all, for the feedback and for stopping by.

Brandee--Yes, it always hurts. Thanks for the truth of that. xoxo


Beautiful girl, it's been ten years since I've lost my fatherly presence in life and I ached all through this post. It does always hurt... but remembering makes it all the more beautiful! Love to you.


oh my heart.


(here via sidebar so out of order.)

I know you usually pare down your posts to the essentials, but when you tell more, the way you do here, you [expletive] rock me.

And yes, it does always hurt, Brandee's right. It hasn't been as long for me but I give up on it going away. It's a pain that's a good friend, so I can take it.

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