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November 04, 2012



The temptation to step back into dark elements of our past can result in inner growth. Yet, I know from experience if one stays to long negative energy is bountiful. Glad you found that magic purple thread to pull you out. Don't look back (:


Yes, they sure are strong, aren't they??? :)

wholly jeanne

Sugar, I love love love reading your words, reading how you go through this world. And you know, in the language of prayer flags, purple means "I honor my intuition. I accept my path, I am healing: body, mind, and spirit." Seems about right, eh? Love you big.

Merry ME

I've been trying to think of what to say, but don't know the words. So I'll admit I've been in that place a lot lately - the season of ghosts. The line between visiting and staying too long is a bit murky. Today, on Veteren's day, I will try to honor the past without getting sucked into the holding on.

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