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April 11, 2012


Stephanie (@dancingwaves)

You are, as always, amazing.

This is a wonderful idea! A set of my favourite ones are: "What I remember..." and "What I don't remember..." (thanks to Natalie Goldberg for those!)

I used to take a contemplative writing course - once a week for nearly three years - and have the prompts from that. Let me know if you'd like me to send them to you.



Late to the party, but I have reading your prompts over the past two weeks on and off today. They are lovely!

I am going to stop by more often.




I have thought about this many times - this whole deal about prompts, and why can't I just prompt myself... I have tried a few experiments, but always my voice eventually drops out for weeks or months at a time. I look forward to you figuring this whole thing out!


i can't wait to read!


A marvelous idea. Prompts, I will be watching for. (:

wholly jeanne

yup, prompts help hold my feet to the fire, too . . . or, ahem, my fingers to the keyboard. this is a great idea - how to never be out of an idea for something to write about. love it. and you.


Terrific idea, Noel. The picture lends me so much (and much-needed) peace...


Thanks all, for the support, of this little project of mine! of course I decided to do this and then life got crazy ... I hope I can be a little more regular going forward!

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