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June 13, 2011



Anxiety that sneaking feeling that rises up in us all. Driven by some deep buried fear. attached to the present and driven by the past. But the faith piece..is like ridng the roller coaster. As you climb up in that car to the top of that first hill.... you have faith that you can take this Magnum coaster, tackler your fear, breathe and let go.

wholly jeanne

it sounds so easy, doesn't it? and it's relatively easy to write. but to do it? oh, that's another story entirely. this letting go and embracing faith. but hey, sugar. it's not about age, it's about wisdom - and you've got an ample supply of that.


Anxiety is such a beast. It's astonishing when you think about it, that we carry around within us such a powerful force.

I'll be cheering you along as you find your faith wherever you can and hold on to it in the tough times. And if you feel like venting, well, you know how to get in touch with me.


Have more faith -- and make your future happen.


Noel, I am so happy to be back in this space and read your words. Even when you write about anxiety or discomfort, you have a way of cultivating honest comfort in your reader.

I know the knot in the throat well - the anxiety, the "too old to pretend" feeling. Faith in humanity is my mantra... if a mantra can be aspirational. "Just have faith" is hard for me; it requires the kind of relinquishing that is difficult. And that's what I mean by an aspirational mantra: I want to be a person who has faith.

I am thrilled you are answering these prompts and will actively engage in having faith right by your side.


Oh I just wrote you guys all back and the comment disappeared ... or I forgot to fill out the spam form. Anyways, thank you ... I will write those response out again later!

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