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September 03, 2010


Olivia V. Ambrogio

I agree wholeheartedly with your point and perspective (and I *love* the bit about the hunting-lion looks dieting friends give your sandwiches! I think that's the best simile I've ever read).
One thing, though: while the shape of the *number* 8 is indeed rounded and curvaceous, *size* 8 is not zaftig: we have to go quite a few sizes up before we get to zaftig. --And why *not* get to zaftig? Have you noticed that even praise in areas completely unrelated to the flesh favor thinness? Literary fiction and poetry are described as being "spare" and "taut," as if they've been working out at the gym. What the hell is wrong with a zaftig novel? George Eliot didn't seem to have a problem with it. And what's good enough for George Eliot...


Agreed, size 8 is not exactly zaftig. And why not go for it? That's sort of the theme of this blog: http://www.youngfatandfabulous.com/. Which reminds me, I should go post that on my blogroll . . .

I agree with you about "sparse" literature. As much as I enjoy it, I do like a rich, decadent book full of imagery and metaphor and lovely, poetry-like language, something to feed your soul. Toni Morrison or Joyce Carol Oates comes to mind . . .

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