What's all this business about French Christmas?

  • My name—Noël—has been mispronounced, mislabeled, and mistaken since my parents bestowed it upon me one snowy March afternoon. It wasn't until a friend nicknamed me "French Christmas" that it came into focus. How much would our lives change if we could just see things differently?

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September 18, 2012


Olivia V. Ambrogio

"I want one strong woman to come through the kitchen door with a loud voice and a teaspoon of honey and settle everyone down for the night." That's a great line and a great wish. Makes me envision a pantheon of house spirits, big strong women who stir things up or calm things down depending on what's most needed.


The tapping... I wish we could silence the tapping. The tapping foot of anxiety, especially. Picturing you walking through your kitchen door with a spoonful of honey, channelling the strength we all need...


That last line is my favorite, too. Brings up such a strong image in my mind of someplace maternal and comforting.


I hear the chatter of the monkey mind and the struggle to silence all that chatter. Seeking the comfort of the good mother with her sweet tea of inner peace and guidance to resolve the child's conflict.


I hope things quiet down soon and that comfort, peace, warmth is there for you always. You deserve that. As ALWAYS, your writing is pure magic.


Thanks, all, for the well wishes and the feedback!

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