What's all this business about French Christmas?

  • My name—Noël—has been mispronounced, mislabeled, and mistaken since my parents bestowed it upon me one snowy March afternoon. It wasn't until a friend nicknamed me "French Christmas" that it came into focus. How much would our lives change if we could just see things differently?

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July 07, 2011


Olivia V. Ambrogio

Good point about the past, and the annoyances of movie time-travel premises (although the BACK TO THE FUTURE films are still okay with me). In 1996 I wrote myself a note to open in ten years; I was able to keep it all those years, unbelievably, and did read it; a little awkward to encounter one's younger, more naive self, but maybe a good lesson, too, which is why I wrote another letter to open in, wow, just 5 years now. I think the only really useful thing about my original letter was that I asked a variation on your question, Noel: is it worth it? Am I doing what I want to be doing? Hard to say, but it's worth thinking about.


Oh, Noël. Keep breathing and doing what you need to take care of yourself.

And yes, I do believe it will turn out to have been worth it. I really do.


Like Kim, I believe as well. I do not believe in preventing ourselves from experiencing heartbreak. Every little fold of pain is a page in the book of life and we come out stronger once we allow ourselves to feel everything, to grieve, to learn, to heal. There is a lot of love and learning in the next pages of your book. I just know it. In five years, we can re-read them and smile.


Oh I have seen such growth, and often it is not without pain and joy. this is a chapter in your book of life. just keep writing and reading it will get better (:


@Olivia--I like your idea better. More like a time capsule than time travel. It makes me much less anxious!!

@Kim--I'm glad you think so!!

@Roxanne--You're so right, you can't avoid pain. It's a part of life; it touches on the opposite end of the circle from joy. Can't have one without the other.

@Dragonfly--You definitely have a first-row seat to it all! LOL :)

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