What's all this business about French Christmas?

  • My name—Noël—has been mispronounced, mislabeled, and mistaken since my parents bestowed it upon me one snowy March afternoon. It wasn't until a friend nicknamed me "French Christmas" that it came into focus. How much would our lives change if we could just see things differently?

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July 25, 2011


Shannon Whissell

Thank you! I am transported & encouraged by the poetry of your prose. As the light that's guided me for the past year flickers and fades, it's helpful to see what might be possible when the tears stop.


Ah, this brings to mind for me the mystery of a new puzzle. One has the pieces before them and each must be handled with tenderness and care as they are place in position to create the whole of a new creation.


A lovely piece of writing that will encourage everyone who reads it. Myself included. Life is about constantly reinventing your own divine idea and the imagery you evoke using the phrase "newborn collage" is simply stunning.


Oh my goodness. Yes, you do, you really do.

I love the notion that you have everything you need right in front of you. And especially the notion that you can move all those pieces around until they're just right.


Wonderful prose. You have piqued my interest. Grad school appeared to not turn out has planned but you alluded to a newborn collage. What is the divine inspiration driving the new collage?


@Shannon--Yes, because they do stop, eventually!

@Dragonly--It's totally a puzzle. And just when I think I have it figured out ...

@Shannon--Thanks! :)

@Kim--Exactly. I have to REMIND myself that is really all is there already. I just have to find it in the mess.

@ALifeWElllived--I think the divine inspiration is the next step in life! Being done with school, having a career, and moving on to the next thing ... whatever that may mean. Thanks for your comments!

wholly jeanne

It's kinda' hard - okay, it's VERY hard - to embody the notion that you are everything you need and that you have everything you need, isn't it? I mean, really. I love what Kim said about having all the pieces in front of you and being able to move them around till they suit you.


@Wholly Jeanne--Yes, it is VERY hard. I try to practice a little bit every day. :)It seems to be easier to eat the elephant one bit at a time.

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