What's all this business about French Christmas?

  • My name—Noël—has been mispronounced, mislabeled, and mistaken since my parents bestowed it upon me one snowy March afternoon. It wasn't until a friend nicknamed me "French Christmas" that it came into focus. How much would our lives change if we could just see things differently?

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December 24, 2010


Julie Jordan Scott


Your post made me smile today. I feel like I want the future me to write to me again, I could use some encouragement today!


This line was especially potent for me:


You’ve done all the mental work, now it’s time for the action. You know what you have to do and you are ready.



Ahhhh....watching instead of taking! Open the window!
Merry Christmas!


You nailed it with the whole "my brain hurts" regarding time travel. I am much the same. But you go on to some profound and lovely statements...

"You want this thing, and yet you watch from an outside window. You want, but you don’t take."

As a serial outside window watcher, I say just go for it. (Easier said than done, yes, but this is the year to embrace it, no?)

Here's to 2011. I'm rooting for you :)


Thanks @Julie @Dragonfly @Shannon for all the positive energy! You guys give me the support and motivation to do what I need to do.


Oh my goodness - I almost busted out laughing reading this because I wrote almost the exact. same. thing. Although at least you made an attempt to do the prompt - I couldn't even do it, it hurt my brain so bad. Too funny!


@kristendom, Thanks! I'm so glad I'm not the only one!!

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