What's all this business about French Christmas?

  • My name—Noël—has been mispronounced, mislabeled, and mistaken since my parents bestowed it upon me one snowy March afternoon. It wasn't until a friend nicknamed me "French Christmas" that it came into focus. How much would our lives change if we could just see things differently?

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December 16, 2010


Katie @ cakes, tea and dreams

Oh, I love this. It's the little things that make all the difference!


I love your perspective on this prompt, and finding (& using) your umlaut again.


Lovely post! Glad you reclaimed your beautiful umlaut.

wholly jeanne

our names are important. there's a story behind my name - a good story, an entertaining reason my name is spelled j-e-a-n-n-e instead of j-e-a-n. for most of my life, people spelled it j-e-a-n (even when i spelled it aloud for them). then one day, in a pier one store (of all places) something just snapped and i (softly) demanded that the young woman spell my name correctly. so good on you and your umlaut. and thank you for teaching me a new word.

p.s. (you ought to hear me say "noel" in my best southern!)


celebrate all the things that make you unique. and a goddess.


Katie, Shannon, KTeelee, Wholly Heane and Kelly: thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! It means so much from such an amazing group of #reverb10 writers! :)


I think it's awesome that you have an umlaut! I often forget to use it when I'm talking about or referring to you, I apologize! I think it's pretty though!

It's the little things that make us different that we come to appreciate and like later :]

Diana Antholis

The umlaut is the first thing I noticed when you first emailed me!! And I made sure to copy it and address you properly.
EMBRACE IT!! Love that you are now - it's hard when we are younger but it's true, when you get older the things that make you different are what matter.
Can you believe people pronouce my first name wrong? It's Diana, as in the Princess. Not DEANNA. Not Diane. Seriously, those are different names, not mine.
And my last name? Forgetaboutit. My highschool history teacher called me Diana Acropolis. My last name is probably the easiest Greek name you'll ever come across - but people just can't do it. I think it's easy - An-thol-is. (long O)
Oh well, it will always happen. And I will always correct it. :)


Oh, your umlaut is how unique and wonderful you are.


Shoot. And do you know? I had copied an ë to my clipboard just specifically for that comment I just left, and I forgot to paste it. Argh.


I have to admit - this is kind-of funny to me - I totally thought you were a guy from our emails back and forth originally :-). Glad to know you better now, Noel with an umlaut!


Ha ha, that is funny! A lot of people do. :) That's why I need to get off my lazy butt and throw those dots in once in awhile.

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